Technical Supports

Jeumont Electric Pant 199

Jeumont Electric is a high-tech company 
specializing in high-power electric machines and auxiliary equipment.

Our core industries are Nuclear, Military Navy, Marine applications, Oil and gas, Petrochemicals, Power generation, Hydro, …

The company was founded in 1898. Today, we draw on our decades of experience and the know-how of our highly-qualified employees to continue to build upon our market-leading reputation as a source of solutions for demanding, complex projects.

Our current growth strategy is to effectively leverage our strengths to respond to three major challenges:

● growing worldwide energy demand
● the need for more efficient, environmentally-friendly electrical solutions
● and more economical use of energy and, in particular, using variable speed drives to boost energy efficiency.




TMEIC ASIA Company Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of TMEIC, Japan. TMEIC is a world class engineered products & solutions provider.

TMEIC ASIA, Singapore office is established to link TMEIC, Japan and share global engineering expertise to South East Asian (SEA) Customers.



PT Mesindo Teknessia

Headquartered in Jakarta, our services covers petrochemical, manufacturing industries, rail-ways, oil company, power generation authorities, etc

Our expert staff and specialized facilities services offered on-site engineering services, evaluation, analysis, inspection and testing of large generators we provide are supported by an advanced technology capability in joint facility with Powertech Lab. Inc.


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