The History

Starting as small company, we are now growing as a big company to cater for the needs of the growing industries.

Our Story

Over 30 Years


The Company was established

Elektro Serve (M) Sdn Bhd operated our first workshop in Kemaman Supply Base (KSB) on the 20th of August 1990. KSB is a well known center for all oil and gas players. Until now, we still have two warehouses in KSB 1.

Business Is Growing

The size and items we are servicing are growing. Elektro Serve (M) Sdn Bhd opens a brand new workshop in Jakar III Kemaman on 1 acre of land to cater for bigger market area.


To cater the Borneo market, we established our new maintenance facilities in Kidurong Bintulu Sarawak, a few kilometers from the Petronas MLNG plant and other proximities.

A New Chapter

On 6 acres of land, we operated our new high tech workshop in Paka, in the middle of the petrochemical hub of Kerteh. We are now equipped with chilled epoxy resin rich VPI, an Automated High Voltage Coil Manufacture and the highest level of testing equipment.


Jeumont Electric

Elektro Serve (M) Sdn Bhd signed an agreement to supply, service and retrofit HV motors and generators for SEA market. We are now partner with one of the biggest international heavy electrical rotating equipment maintenance company, Jeumont Electric of France (JE)


Partnering with locals, we have established a workshop in Muara Port Brunei to cater for the demand of the same services in Brunei. Operations started in July 2018.


In September 2020, with the support of MIDA, INDAR and Elektro Serve (M) Sdn Bhd have signed a partnership agreement to manufacture and supply of Submersible pumps for Asia Pasific region (APAC). For this, a big investment has been made to build a Pump Testing Facility.

Facilities Upgrading

To cater the new market direction, Elektro Serve (M) Sdn Bhd has signed a few partnerships with big players of the industry to represent them and manufacture their equipment in APAC region. An investment of more than 2 million USD has been made to purchase of new equipment.


In line with globalising strategy of the Company and with the support by both governments, Elektro Serve (M) Sdn Bhd has openened a Central Asian division in Kazakhstan. This new company has been called Qaz Elektro Serve LLT. With several local partners we will develop the Oil and Gas industry services and manufacturing of Electrical and Mechanical equipment.